Top 5 Must-Watch Hanuman Movies for Kids Online (2024)

Calling all Hanuman devotees and animation fans! Friends, here I have given the collection of all the most popular Hanuman movies, you can watch all the movies for free from here. That too in high quality.

Top 5 Must-Watch Hanuman Movies for Kids Online (2024): Engaging and Educational Entertainment

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1. Hanuman (2005)

Hanuman: The Mighty Warrior (2005)

Join Hanuman, the son of Anjana and Kesari, on a thrilling adventure as he jumps over mountains defeats demons. Devotes himself to serving Lord Rama. This timeless animated story vividly portrays Hanumans escapades and steadfast loyalty as a revered Hindu deity.

2. HANUMAN: Da’Damdaar (2017)

HANUMAN: Da’Damdaar (2017) – Action-Packed Animated Adventure

Experience the strength and courage of Hanuman as he faces challenging enemies and safeguards the vulnerable, in this journey. Featuring imagery engaging action scenes and a sprinkle of humor HANUMAN; Da’Damdaar is a must see for fans of animation across all age groups.

3. The Legend of Hanuman: Full Hindi Movie (HD)

The Legend of Hanuman: An Epic Tale of Devotion and Courage

Explore the journey of Hanuman, the revered Hindu god in this feature length Hindi film. Experience his loyalty to Lord Rama, his displays of power and his unyielding dedication, to what is right. This captivating story is sure to captivate and audiences of every generation.

4. दिवाली स्पेशल: रिटर्न ऑफ़ हनुमान मूवी (हिंदी)

Diwali Special: Return of Hanuman (Hindi Movie) – Celebrate with a Classic

Illuminate your Diwali festivities with this Hindi film that showcases the comeback of Hanuman, the revered Hindu god. Embark, on a journey with Hanuman as he combats powers and champions justice. This touching story is ideal, for the holiday season.

5. मारुती मेरा दोस्त (HD) – बॉलीवुड सुपरहिट फिल्म

Maruti Mera Dost (HD) – A Bollywood Superhit for the Whole Family

Discover the essence of companionship and exploration in the heart touching Bollywood blockbuster “Maruti Mera Dost.” Follow Maruti, a lad as he forges an unexpected connection, with Hanuman, the powerful Hindu god. Together they embark on an adventure brimming with joy, thrills and meaningful insights, into life.

6. Chhota Bheem & Bal Hanuman: Hanuman Jayanti Special Adventure!

Chhota Bheem & Bal Hanuman: Celebrate Hanuman Jayanti with a Fun-Filled Adventure

Come along with Chhota Bheem, the endearing hero and Bal Hanuman, the form of Hanuman as they embark on a thrilling journey to celebrate Hanuman Jayanti. Together they encounter obstacles acquire insights and bring happiness and laughter to all. This unique animated show is ideal, for children of every age.

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